The Ivory Closet Moves to Overton Square


  • Photo by Dirk Olsen

After opening The Attic boutique in Overton Square two years ago, Alexandra Nicole has seen the success of the district grow firsthand. Overton Square has leased a diverse mix of businesses to bring in activity day and night. The increasing foot traffic has been an asset for small retail such as clothing boutiques, especially if they weren’t the first or primary destination for visitors. Sandwiched between busy restaurants, these stores become welcoming ways to pass time as people wait for a table to open at nearby Babalu’s or Lafayette’s.

With her confidence in the great synergy of Overton Square, Alexandra Nicole has leased the 27th and final space for relocation of her first boutique The Ivory Closet from Harbor Town. It became official news last week that Overton Square reached full tenant occupancy. Alexandra, with feedback from her customers, confirmed that the move would not likely lose any business from customers who were Harbor Town residents. Also with this move, The Cedar Room merchandise will merge with the men’s items at the Attic. The Ivory Closet will continue to carry the same lines that vary from the Attic classic women’s apparel but in the new space adjacent to Golden India will take advantage of a larger footprint. They hope to open this location at 2095 Madison this November.

As a side note, Ivory Closet fans can soon find other store locations outside of Memphis. Alexandra is franchising two locations in Mississippi. Details have yet to be revealed.

Special thanks to dirk olsen. Alexandra is photographed in an outfit from The Attic just behind her new location in Overton Square.



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