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The Best Oversized Sweaters

oversized sweaters
It is finally November and the winter season is creeping on in right here in Memphis, Tennessee! I am super delighted for all of the fun sweaters arriving here in my store. The cream and mauve colors are the perfect feminine additional to anyone's closet. Have a look at several of my favored comfortable informal looks here and browse around the shop to get your own cozy casual look going!
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Fall Pantone Report

fall pantone
I am incredibly delighted over the color scheme for the autumn period as well as the upcoming winter. Jewel toned reds, purples, neutrals, as well as teals are catching my eye. In this post I will model my favorite color and also share my most favorite items from The Ivory Closet this season thus far!
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TREND ALERT: Over the Knee Boots This Fall/Winter

Alexandra Nicole
After creating my new after baby conservative style as a mom I am getting all types of inquiries from readers concerning what is "too young." To those of you that inquired about knee high boots being "stripper like" I say NO WAY! Take a look at how I style my thigh high boots to give a sexy feel while still maintaining my "mommy hat."
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Do Straw in the Fall

straw floppy hat
Who says straw hats are only for the coastline? I love the happy scarecrow influenced autumn straw ladies hat! Take a look at my favorite hat paired with my autumn fabric choice!
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Get the Perfect Brow Shape

Brows alexandra nicole
I obtain get compliments on my brows all the time. I always smirk as well as give a polite "Thanks". The chuckle is a cross in between a smile of thankfulness and a tricky curl of the lip due to the fact that they have no idea my secret. In this video I will reveal my face without my brows and after that "fill you in" on the fill in of my brows!
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3 Characteristics of Beauty

Alexandra Nicole
Physical Elegance IS ONLY Skin Deep yet TRUE BEAUTY, not specified by one's physical look, has various qualities that if all are present will reveal ones remarkable heart. As a fashion stylist as well as make-up artist, I am around make-up, fashion, as well as models frequently, for that reason I am revealed to "surfaced" beauty daily. Years of this type of job and also interactions with all types of people have helped me to determine 3 personality attributes that specify exactly what I really feel defines true BEAUTY.
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Being a Female Entrepreneur

You all have sent in a number of questions for the Overview of Biz Q&A session, some business associated some more individual however all in all a terrific turn out and I am super thrilled to offer ya'll the low down on life as a multi-entrepreneur. Using the word multi due to the fact that I have my hands in several different companies at the moment, some going fantastic, others are a struggle but lets be real, that is the nature of being in business for yourself! Below are a few questions that you all have asked.
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Meet Ivory Closet Style Icon Jenny Bess

Jenny Bess

I love every chance I get to network and meet new and incredible female leaders. Another awesome lady taking charge via fashion and lifestyle blogging, Jenny Bess, has joined The Ivory Closet Style Icon group and I am just so excited to have this fashionista sporting our items!

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