As a fellow lady going through the process of planning a wedding, I am so happy to have my fellow blogger Maddie by my side as she is the wedding photography guru! When it comes to photography for your wedding, you must make sure that you have the perfect photographer as all of them have different styles. So, what questions should be in your wedding photographer interview? Check out Maddie's 7 Questions Checklist.


7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1. Do you have backup equipment?
As in, if you drop a camera or something stops you have backup? If they say they have never had a problem and move to the next question, find someone else.
2. Can you describe your photography and working style? 
This will answer if your tastes match each other and if this is a photographer pro-active relationship or if you will be in charge (send lists, timelines, etc)? Both are fine as long as it fits your needs.

3. Are your images in high or low resolution?
If the images are provided in low resolution, you typically cannot print the images because they will be pixelated or fuzzy. This is an upsell tactic to get you to buy the high resolution images. And a really good to know before you buy. 

4. I don't want to book right now, but if someone contacts you with my date who will get first dibs?”  
If you walk away from the table without a contract and deposit, that photographer doesn’t have to do any favors for you and does not have to keep your date on their calendar. Be sure to understand your photographer's policy.

5. Have you ever shot at my wedding site before? 
I know this sounds condescending...but as a photographer, some venues are a lot harder to shoot at than others. So if they haven’t shot there, try to schedule a walk-through for them so they can take a look around.

6. Will there be a second shooter? 
Second shooters are like a safety net for photographers. What if something happens right as you kiss, and the head person didn’t get that shot? Well, the 2nd shooter did. They are also great for candids.

7. How many hours will the photographer be there for? 
If there is a max number, how much per hour will they charge after that number is reached? Costs can add up pretty fast, and you may not be prepared to pay if they go a few hours over. 
Bonus: What sessions are included in the package? Engagements, bridal, none?
Typically an engagement shoot is a great way to become comfortable with the photographer and get to know each other. I highly recommend spending the extra money to get one done.




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