3 Characteristics of Beauty
3 points of beauty
Physical Elegance IS ONLY Skin Deep yet TRUE BEAUTY, not specified by one's physical look, has various qualities that if all are present will reveal ones remarkable heart. As a fashion stylist as well as make-up artist, I am around make-up, fashion, as well as models frequently, for that reason I am revealed to "surfaced" beauty daily. Years of this type of job and also interactions with all types of people have helped me to determine 3 personality attributes that specify exactly what I really feel defines true BEAUTY.
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Not to be mixed with big headed. Several of the basic synonyms in the synonym for self-confidence are as follows: belief, faith, depend on, trust. Self-confidence is having trust and belief in yourself and also your abilities. When a woman has confidence as well as trusts in her abilities, an attractive aura radiates with others making her beautiful in her "self conviction"
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All of us have them and most of us invest our lives opposing the idea of them. Finding the appeal in our flaws makes them invisible to the world. It's insane how people are fast to point out imperfections but when we show no negative emotion, or are proud of what society considers a defect, no one has anything to say. A lady of TRUE BEAUTY has no flaws. She confidently holds her head high at the appearance of her naked body and smiles with satisfaction. I believe our bodies are magnificent for many reasons, mainly for the miracle that we as ladies can produce (babies). Each of us look exactly how God intended and we should all be proud!
Alexandra Nicole
When people think of beauty, they typically believe in terms of self. Thus far the initial 2 attributes do speak in terms of self yet the third particularly addresses others. This is something that does not come naturally for most. Exposure to circumstance as well as environment as a child throughout your lifetime could trigger you to have a guard up, not allowing yourself to draw near to others, in return, not putting in the time to understand the feelings of our peers. I need to confess, I have actually been rather secured most of my life up until I turned 30. The minute I would get near to someone particularly the opposite sex, I would find reasons to pull back or to be alone. I never had time to seek compassion and understanding of others. Taking the time to soften your heart and to try to put yourself in the shoes of others will certainly bring out the compassion that the majority of us have actually aimed to suppress. Compassion for others means empathy, grace, care, sensitivity, warmth, love ... a real effort to enjoy your neighbors even if you have no idea their name. A real tenderness for humankind.
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