Being a Female Entrepreneur

You all have sent in a number of questions for the Overview of Biz Q&A session, some business associated some more individual however all in all a terrific turn out and I am super thrilled to offer ya'll the low down on life as a multi-entrepreneur. Using the word multi due to the fact that I have my hands in several different companies at the moment, some going fantastic, others are a struggle but lets be real, that is the nature of being in business for yourself! Below are a few questions that you all have asked.

1. What guidance do you have for someone who wants to start their own shop?
Be prepared to be present in your shop every single day for the first couple of years ... however honestly, that is with any type of business. Becoming an business proprietor is incredibly easy, it just calls for a license, which any individual can obtain, however proactively working as a business owner as well as running an effective company is totally different!

2. At what point as a blogger did you discover that you wanted to begin your very own store?
Working for corporate I would always think to myself, "If this was my company I would ..." In the eyes of corporate America my concepts were very out there and out of the standard for a conservative multi-billion dollar company. After working for a while I became very eager to put my suggestions to the test, so I chose to take all of the very important expertise that I gathered while working for a large company and then put a small business spin on it. While owning a business is SUPER HARD WORK, it is really fulfilling. I love waking up every day to attempt brand-new concepts and to put my creative brain to work. By the way, the store actually came before the blog!

Alexandra Nicole

3. I love that your such a "girl boss"! Just How did Ivory Closet happen?
I honestly enjoyed climbing the corporate ladder yet something really felt missing. I felt like I was not challenged enough and needed more. I would lay in bed in the evening and think up tons of different business concepts, approaches, and advertising scenarios. My mind was regularly creating. One day the bulb went off. I am made to be a business owner. I need to be continuously developing concepts. I made the decision that self employment would be my future and afterwards needed to select a business that I could succeed in. Fashion and beauty have always been my passion so I decided to make a business of it!

4. What has been your best achievement as a company owner or influencer?
I think my biggest business accomplishment has actually been being Leading 20 under 30 in my city, Memphis. I was awarded this title in 2016. I was super excited as it seemed like my efforts were being acknowledged by others in my community. As an entrepreneur, in some cases you work your behind off and find yourself questioning if it is paying off or if anybody even sees the hard work that you put forth in your business. This award made me feel achieved as a business woman in Memphis!

Alexandra Nicole

5. Just how do you handle your time running your blog site, shop, and household effectively?
Minute by minute. I am a scheduler as well as a checklist author naturally but seldom does it all go according to plan. I have actually discovered that the schedule will always hiccup and I have to remind myself "I am only human. I can just do what my body and time will allow"  When I do not get my entire list done in a day, I simply add it to the next day as well as tell myself not to get overwhelmed. There will constantly be fires to put out at work as well as more days to follow in order to geth the job done ... unless the good Lord makes other arrangements. Your children and your household are truly the only things effected by time. They grow up and also older. Memories can be made without you so you must prioritize. Speaking of ... my boy and husband are playing in his room right now as I type this answer with one hand and hold a child in the other ... probably a memory I would love to participate in so I will sign out for now!

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