New Hydrating Matte and High-Shine Gloss Line

We are super excited about our new complete line of lip products. Our founder, Alexandra Nicole, has been working on a lip line for a few months now. First phase launch are the gloss formulas and next month she will launch a full lipstick line!

How to Get a Natural Contour + FREE Beauty Blender Contour Brush

  Everyone always asks about my high cheekbones. Some of it is those Native American genes, A LOT of it is the proper tools, products, and contouring. Check out my video in this post and also learn how you can get a FREE Beauty Blender Contour Brush. Read more »

Budget Beauty Skincare Items feat. Walgreens

 Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that I am a COMPLETE skincare junkie! I am always in search of the newest technologies from top brands, spending an arm and a leg to get my hands on the best goods for my complexion. After filling my online cart at Sephora on some items that I had run out of, my checkout balance was $361 before taxes! WHAT?! I am prego with baby number 2, I can't go without...

Glam Squad Beach Bundle Vlog feat. Adel Amor Cosmetics

When I am not photo shoot ready, I always get the question, how does your skin look flawless without makeup? Well, secret is, I AM wearing makeup! I trade my evening wear and photo finish foundation for my lighter, Adel Amor CC Cream! Then I use a few products to add a little color back to my look. In this Vlog I will go over a quick summer beach look using the same steps that are in my daily...

3 Simple Steps to a Flawless Look

 I get the question all the time..."How does your skin look so even and luminous?" It is all in the makeup my friend. The good news is, you don't have to be a professional makeup artist to achieve a flawless look. Read more »

Top 3 Spring Lipstick Shades

I am so excited to introduce my Adel Amor Cosmetics new lip product line and to reveal my top 3 favs for this spring. I am all about a gal coveting 3 shades that are all very different to complete her spring lip portfolio. Her are the 3 that I will be toting around, and a few more options that you may like!Read more »

How To Do a Facial at Home?

  I was introduced to Feel Beauty when they sent me a care package to try. When it comes to beauty, I am a tough one to appease as I have been in the industry and worked for many lines in my career. I feel like I have "tried it all". I can honestly say, Feel Beauty's products are unique and they really work!Read more »

How to Keep Your Lips Supple Through the Winter Months

Keeping your lips supple is very important, as the cooler months will have you dry and cracked. Just because your lips look healthy now doesn't mean that they will sustain the brisk weather in the months ahead. In this post, I will share the proper steps to keep your pout moisturized the correct way.Read more »

How to Get More Luminous Skin

My favorite product in my branded line of cosmetics, Adel Amor Cosmetics, is the Luminous Foundation which leads me to my next giveaway! In this post, you will see how the Luminous Foundation works and will have the opportunity to sign up for your very own. Read more »