4 Simple Relaxers for Busy Business Ladies

As a business owner, mommy, and wife, I have many duties but as a professional woman I have needs that are essential to a happy life. Many of you who know me know that work never stops for this lady, but lately, I have been extremely overwhelmed with back to back businesses dilemmas, pregnancy, and life in general that I finally stopped and forced myself back to the basics. Read more »

Which Fashion Market Should You Attend?

So I just got back from Atlanta's off season fashion market and boy was it different from Magic in Vegas! If you own a shop and can't decide which market to attend, here are my comparisons.Read more »


A few years back, an out of town customer joked about Memphis just being a bunch of gold chains and hustlers... I politely bit my tongue and smiled as I continued to ring her up... she didn't know the offense I took deep down. I love my city and each and every part about it. Little did I know, those words would stick with me and actually take on a whole new meaning. Read more »

The Big Boutique Move

So the past month I have been a little inconsistent in blogging but I promise I have two really good reasons. This is one of them and the other will be posted next week.Read more »

Holiday Fashion Inspiration: Seeing Red

The closer we get to the holidays, the more we're seeing bold holiday hues & I love it! A large statement piece deserves a gorgeous back drop. When pairing big pops of red, go for a strong contrast with classic black & white pieces for maximum impact and timeless style.Read more »