I AM FREE + Be Free Revolution

If you haven't already heard of them, Be Free Revolution is a local mission company that started off with sponsored trips to Kenya and evolved into a company that helps many women and children out of poverty through mission work, teaching, and trade building. This lead to the creation of the jewelry line Be Free Revolution's Papers of Peace and Ekata Collections. Read more »

3 Discoveries to Self Empowerment

Life is like high school...it seems like a big deal when you are in it, but when it is over, the real enjoyment begins and you truly start to appreciate the authentic delicacies of your existence. Not to discredit the gift of life as I do believe it is a journey of soul discovery and your position and place within the web, but the most gratifying thought is that it is eternal if you allow your...

The Secret to Freedom

I thought I was too old to discover new things about myself. The "Ah Ha" enlightened moments of my twenties have seemed to fade and the mundane, day to day, monotone routines have taken over in life. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, family, and all that I have been blessed with, but the light that once gave me "life highs," had been snuffed. I have truly missed myself the past couple of years. I...


A few years back, an out of town customer joked about Memphis just being a bunch of gold chains and hustlers... I politely bit my tongue and smiled as I continued to ring her up... she didn't know the offense I took deep down. I love my city and each and every part about it. Little did I know, those words would stick with me and actually take on a whole new meaning. Read more »

Bluff City Lights - The New Gals in Town

I am so excited to introduce my new blogging gal pals in our monthly series, launching January 2017, called Bluff City Lights. Each of us have a vested interest in the city of Memphis, in particularly small business, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. We would like to invite fellow bloggers to link up in our monthly post topics and encourage our followers to enter into our monthly giveaways. Now...

Win EVERYTHING in This Post - Happy Holidays!

This is the BIGGEST giveaway I have ever hosted and you do not want to miss these goodies! Enter to win a Tory Burch bag from Sugar Plum Consignments, a pair of Lola Slimming Jeans from The Ivory Closet, handmade candles from Falling Into Place, super cute pins from The Cry Baby Club, and the jacket dress I wore in one of my previous posts, courtesy of ME!Read more »

3 Favorties for Fall

 So I came across a FABULOUS little cookie shop during my last photo shoot and I just had to post about it! The Whimsy Cookie Company is located in Memphis, TN. They make delicious cookies for company events, birthdays, weddings, gifts, and so much more. So in honor of our love for pink, cookies, and FASHION, Maddie, Click Magazine's photog, and I decided to host a 3 Favorites Fall  post!Read more...

Interview: Fashion Photographer - Madison Yen

 As a female entrepreneur, I just love inspirational stories from fellow business women who have taken the leap into the scary, yet rewarding world of self employment.  Local Memphis fashion and wedding photographer, Madison Yen, has discovered a new love that not only completes her her more passionate side, but has quickly become her full time job.Read more »

Confessions of a Traveling Fashionista with Joelle Pittman

A very dear friend and fellow blogger, Joelle Pittman, is currently fulfilling one of my life long dreams, world traveling! We have decided to collaborate in a monthly post here on City Chic Living, where we follow her travels through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Check out Joelle's take on her fashion experience in Valencia.Read more »