How to Contour Your Brows?

In my makeup classes, I am constantly asked about the proper way to contour and shape the brows. I do not like to use stencils or liquids in my brow routine as it can give a very "made up" look. Instead, I use the natural brow line and the Adel Amor Brow Blender Pencil Brush.Read more »

10 Minute Contouring Makeup Video Blog

I am having so much fun launching makeup tutorial videos. I know they are a bit amateur at the moment, but the great thing is, I now have a studio for shooting images and video. I have a few more videos done in home, but stay tuned for the new and improved City Chic Living weekly Vlogs. Learn how to get a natural contoured look using the Anastasia contour kit, Ulta Banana Pressed Setting...

Beauty Vlog Spot: Flawless Foundation

This is my very first ever beauty video tutorial! Sorry for the "smacking" haha I had no idea that I did that when trying to demo or tutorial products. ha ha! Read more »