The Best Oversized Sweaters
oversized sweaters
It is finally November and the winter season is creeping on in right here in Memphis, Tennessee! I am super delighted for all of the fun sweaters arriving here in my store. The cream and mauve colors are the perfect feminine additional to anyone's closet. Have a look at several of my favored comfortable informal looks here and browse around the shop to get your own cozy casual look going!
Alexandra Nicole
lace on sweater
triple play
Kristen Cavallari Flats
I enjoy the side shoulder stitched statement on this sweater tunic and also the pockets, every gals fav! The necklace is one of my favored handmade pieces as well as the Kristen Cavallari shoes are not only killing it in the style scene they are extremely comfy!
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole
My favorite part of this mauve tunic is the rose gold grommets down the sleeve! Such a subtle fashion detail that actually makes this sweater a statement piece. Of course, I am still sporting my thigh high boots, my latest style love!



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