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TREND ALERT: Over the Knee Boots This Fall/Winter

Alexandra Nicole
After creating my new after baby conservative style as a mom I am getting all types of inquiries from readers concerning what is "too young." To those of you that inquired about knee high boots being "stripper like" I say NO WAY! Take a look at how I style my thigh high boots to give a sexy feel while still maintaining my "mommy hat."
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole
Prior to children I seriously was not in the know on just what comfortable style meant. I would certainly bare the discomfort for fashion! Now I can join may other women in stating  "that ish is for the birds!" I have actually found many ways to dress for convenience without compromising my look! Among my most preferred newly discovered fashion trend is thigh high boots! I battled momentarily trying to decide if my time has actually passed on the thigh highs but after putting a pair on I was determined to make it work! Not only did they enhance my self esteem and allure, they are SUPER COMFORTABLE! I could get around in these fashion statements easily and also still be mother enjoying my time with the kiddos!
So how do you wear thigh highs as a mommy? Combine this super hot secret with a large sweater like the one I am showing in this post from The Ivory Closet and pair with a set of leggings. I also love my thigh highs paired with a fashionable skirt. Lots of mamas think that the miniature skirts are for the high-schoolers, however if you choose a "somewhat" shorter skirt and a pair with some thigh highs, the boots serve as a leggings and will only permit you to show about an inch of your thigh, keeping your mini classy and your feet in vogue!

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