Valentines day is right around the corner and what better addition to your sexy valentines wardrobe than some luscious red lips? I am obsessed with red and sport this lovely hue on my pout 80% of the time, but if you generally do not wear red and have always wanted a reason, what better reason than Valentine's Day?! Learn how to get the perfectly shaped vixen red smoother in this post.


Red Vixen Pout

1. First, you must prime your palette. Most cosmetic lines have a long lasting lip primer This helps the color to look flawless while staying on longer.

2. With a red liner, start at the bow of your lip and create a "V". If you would prefer to enhance the size of your lips, draw the "V" ever so slightly above your natural lip line.

3. Shape the rest of your lip border by tracing it with the red lip liner, or creating an enhanced look by lining just above your natural lip border. 
4. Fill in the corners of your lips with the liner to create contouring.
5. Fill in the uncolored portion of the lip with a red lipstick that is very close to the liner color.
6. Find a more vivid red lipstick in the same family of hues (Blue-Red, Pink - Red, or Orange - Red). This will be used to shade the lip, creating an enhanced look.
7. Apply this pop of color to the center of the lip. This shades and contours to create a "poutier pout"
8. Red can be very messy. Because it is such a vivid color, if you do not get a perfect line on your lips, it will be very noticeable and look sloppy. With a foundation brush and concealer, clean up the lip line and smooth down the harsh line created by the hard red liner.
9. Take those luscious lips for a night on the town!
MAKUP BY: Alexandra Nicole - Adel Amor Cosmetics



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