As a lover of 90's movies, music, and fashion, I am thrilled to announce the comeback of plaid. The revamped fashion trend of the 90's is mixing Grunge and Boho for a completely earthy edge look.

Takes me back to the days when I wore only my dad's plaid buttons ups and boyfriend jeans. The days when Kurt Cobain was going to divorce Courtney Love and marry me and Gwen Stephani was my girlfriend soul mate. haha

Plaid button up XL - Old Navy / Fleece Lined Leggings  - The Ivory Closet / Flats - Steve Madden
Backpack & Scarf - The Attic

Now days instead of torn boyfriend jeans,  I like to wear my over-sized plaid with leggings to tone the grunge down a bit for a mommy friendly look.

 Photo By: Yen Studios

I love this take on the trend by Yen Studios. A masculine, ultra femme look. Very "Ralph Lauren-esk".

What better time for plaid to come back?! Right before the holidays. Makes for the perfect Christmas attire. These perfect plaid tunics are now available at my shop.



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