INTERVIEW SERIES: Fashion Blogger and Future Psychologist - Ameera Khan

Being a fashion, beauty, business, and mommy blogger isn't always about sharing my experiences, favorite products, and fashion/beauty tutorials. I get to meet some pretty amazing women along the way and I think as ladies in the business world, it is our job to do our due diligence to share each other's stories and businesses. This month I am going to introduce you to a fabulous, fairly new...

I AM FREE + Be Free Revolution

If you haven't already heard of them, Be Free Revolution is a local mission company that started off with sponsored trips to Kenya and evolved into a company that helps many women and children out of poverty through mission work, teaching, and trade building. This lead to the creation of the jewelry line Be Free Revolution's Papers of Peace and Ekata Collections. Read more »

3 Favortie Fall Transitional Pieces from The Ivory Closet

Finally, all of the super cute women's fashions I chose at market have arrived to my online boutique and in the shop. I am so excited to show you my 3 favorite transitional pieces. I call them transitional because they are nice and airy for summer but can be styled right into fall!Read more »

Which Fashion Market Should You Attend?

So I just got back from Atlanta's off season fashion market and boy was it different from Magic in Vegas! If you own a shop and can't decide which market to attend, here are my comparisons.Read more »

The Ultimate Slimming Jean with Bluff City Lights + Lola Denim Giveaway

 If you haven't tried Lola pull on slimming jeans, you are SERIOUSLY missing out! When I think of denim in fashion, I think of the all American style. A trouser created for the lower working class for durability and wear in labor intensive jobs, clothed many men while building the foundation of our cities, agriculture, etc. Now the pant has become a staple in the closets of men and women all over...

Style Inspiration: Casual Summer Market Days

I am super excited about the arrival of summer and all that comes with it! I love the open air summer markets and fun sunny days basking in the rays while enjoying outdoor activities. Need a little day fashion inspiration for casual outings this summer? Check out this summer market fashion post for a little inspiration.Read more »

Trend Alert: Area and Airport Code Caps

I have been working my fingers to the bone on these, OH SO POPULAR, ball caps! Ok, Ok...I haven't really been working my fingers to the bone, but I have been putting my embroidery machine to the metal, turning out hat after hat and selling them just as quick as they hit the stores!Airport and Area Code hats are all the rage this spring and summer. A gal's got to represent while on vaca right? My...

Get It For Less: Chloe Top

Originally $38 but you can get it for only $25 through this post! Last week I started a weekly fashion discount item. This week's item is the Chloe Top. I am so obsessed! I am not one for the girly girl pieces but this one has a great balance of feminine chic. The navy denim stripes gives a beachy vibe that I am craving right now.  Read more »