Everyone loves a piece that is versatile whether that be for seasonal wear, change of weather, or layering.
(image: favim.com)

Tunics are great for a touch of versatility. They are usually long enough to be worn year round. Add leggings in the Fall/Winter months and shorts in the Spring/Summer.

With this particular tunic you can add a fitted long-sleeve top under it to cover the arms for cooler months.
The collar on this piece is thick but made with light material as not to be too heavy in the warmer months. 

And if it rains? Not to worry, the collar doubles as a hood! Pieces like these are not only unique and eye catching but serve as timeless pieces that can be worn year long. 
Gracia Hooded Tunic: The Attic Apparel- Overton Square
Photographer: Rupert Yen
Model: Rose Macabre



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