You may be wondering why pull on pants are popping up everywhere, and we aren't talking about maternity pants. The pull-on craze is in full effect! The reason for the popularity of this new design is because of it's slimming effect. Not only are the buttons and zippers non-existent on pull on bottoms, therefore making your blouses lay more smoothly along the waist, but the band of the pants have a new tuck and lift design. My two favorite pull on pants are the Lola Jeans and the Lisette pants. Of course, since they were my favorite at market, it was mandatory that I got these two miracle items in my shops.!product/prd1/1239208501/lola-slimming-pull-on-jeans 
These tummy tuck, skinny jeans are my new favorite. They come in both a pull on and button-up jegging style, as well as two denim washes (dark and medium wash) and a black wash and will make you look one size smaller!!product/prd1/1239208501/lola-slimming-pull-on-jeans 
I love that these jeans are not "hipster" jeans. They come up above the waist just high enough to ensure that the undies don't peek out, but not too unfashionably high. The material of the jeans is also very smooth and comfortable. In fact, that is the first thing that my customers notice after trying them on. I always hear "Wow, these are so comfy." Another benefit to note of the material, is that it does not stretch out in the waist. You never have to worry about constantly pulling them up throughout the day. 
More importantly, this women ran company donates to Breast Cancer Awareness! For every pair of jeans bought, a $1 goes to the cause. Not only can you get some EXTREMELY comfortable and fashionable jeans, but you can also be leading a hand to charity.
Kathy Lee, Oprah, and Jasmine Chang of Good Housekeeping are just a few of the fashion icons and celebrities that are singing the praises of these pants and I am right there with them. These pull on pants claim a "Flaterie Fit" and by experience I can say the fit of these pants do promote a flatter tummy.
I personally love the ankle cropped black style in these pants. Right now in business fashion, the "ankled" pant is the in trend. The black, ankle cropped Lisette pant can be dressed up for work, or dressed down for day wear, or dressed out for an evening look. 
One warning (from experience) read the tag before washing. I washed and dried my first pair and because of the spandex content mixed with the material, the dryer will ruin these beautiful bottoms. Make sure you hang to dry. After ruining my first pair, I had to get my hands on another so... I called the manufacturer and brought them in to The Ivory Closet boutique for all of us to enjoy.  
Even the all mighty Oprah and Kathy Lee are singing the praises of Lisette.

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