This post is all about keeping your skin healthy in the harsh summer months. I have also included some model headshots of my makeup artistry work and some of my most favorite photogs, in no particular order.

What are some ways you can combat the sun other than sunscreen?

Always wear a big hat and sunglasses when you know that you will be exposed for longer periods ...or any period of time. Not only will it protect your skin but the classic floppy hat paired with slightly larger shades are in. You will be protecting your skin while making the "classic woman" fashion statement, all you will need is a hint of red lipstick to complete the look. 
This solution seems like a no brainer but....Another unique way to shade the sun, is to carry an umbrella. Not the vinyl ones for staying dry, but a slightly smaller, decorative one that matches your look. Some people may think it looks pretentious but hey, the ladies of the day carried theirs when taking a summer days stroll to keep their skin beautiful and creamy. As a stylist, I think an umbrella for shade is a statement of confidence and fashion, all the while extra protection. 
It is also VERY important to stay hydrated. It will not protect your skin from UV rays but will protect your skin from dehydrations and premature aging lines. Think of your skin like a grape, when fresh and hydrated, a grape is supple, juicy, and unwrinkled but when it drys out, it begins to harden, wrinkle, and shrivel. Don;t you want to be supple, juicy, and unwrinkled? Keep some H2O, coconut water, or fresh fruit in your bag.

What are some tips regarding diet that can enhance skin and possibly reduce dullness and delay the development of lines and wrinkles?

So, I do not claim to be a doctor or dermatologist, but I can recommend several foods and vitamins that I use to keep my epidermal luminous. I follow nutritionist and dietician Nicolette Pace for recommendations and guidelines.
OLIVE OIL- I use it always in place of butter or any other oil. It contains  polyphenols, which are very potent antioxidants. 
TOMATOES- I eat them raw and are best when extra juicy. Not only are they relish, but they contain a lot of Vitamin C which is great for the promotion of Collagen. Collagen helps to make the skin look fuller and plump. They also have Lycopene, which protects from UV damage and promotes a healthy vascular system. 
TEAS- Most importantly Green Tea, not only because it is packed with antioxidants, but contains EGCG, which has been shown to help cells grow properly in many studies. After nearly a year living in England and Ireland, I fell in love with teacups and hot tea. My go to for scrumptious green tea is Teavana in Saddle Creek. YUM!
BERRIES- Easy finger food for snacking on the go and just as well an easy dose of the "good stuff" for your skin. Did you know these little bursts of amazing flavor contain probiotics, vitamins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and lots and lots of antioxidants? I have a berry rich diet because it is said to promote cell regeneration and it is known to protect against oxidation. 
My Definition of  "OXIDATION"- you know when you have a pretty, new, shiny bike and it is exposed, uncovered, to the elements for months? What happens? It begins to rust, or oxidize. Now, imagine your face being the bike.....scary huh? That's why this stuff is so important.

Photo By: Jay Smith

What about daily and weekly maintenance? What would you suggest for a skincare routine?

With my now, 13 years, of training in cosmetics and skincare products, I can tell you the recommended routine, and then add a little to it to tell you what I do.
Basic Skincare Regimen- 
Wash and Tone- Choose a facial wash that is non-drying and if it must have a scrub in it, make sure that the scrub particles are spherical or small grains like sand. If they are larger pieces with jagged edges, you will risk getting tiny microscopic tears in the skin. These scrubs are great for smoothing out the body, but are too harsh for the delicate skin on the face. I use a toner without alcohol, as it can be drying. A toner is great for removing left over debris that the cleanser did not take care of. 
Serum- Now this is the "medicine" of the regimen. Serums are said to have the ability to penetrate a little beyond the top layer of skin for rejuvenation on a deeper level. This means that as your skin goes through it's cycle and sheds over a few months. the skin below will become exposed and look more flawless than ever before. When it comes to seems, I don't skimp. My serums MUST have some sort of seaweed or algae concussion in them. I have found that for my skin, these seem to pack the biggest punch in making the difference.
Moisturize: EVEN IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN. I can't tell you how many times I come across a client that says she does;t use a moisturizer because she has oily skin. Without a moisturizer your makeup will NEVER Look it's best. You need a healthy, supple pallet before applying makeup or your skin will attempt to drink the makeup and you are left with dry patches and pores...or what I call the "muddy face" look. For oily skin, choose a moisturizing gel or light lotion that is oil free with SPF. For normal skin, a moisturizing lotion will do, and for dry to very dry skin, choose a moisturizer with a creamy consistency. All with SPF. Here's where you can protect while benefiting your skin. 
Now, for the extras. 
I use a pumpkin mask weekly. Warning, they are potent, can sting, and may not be suitable for sensitive skin, but I have found that this type of mask is the most natural but effective peel for destroying dead skin. 
I also use a shiseido skin conditioner before applying my serum if I haven't just gotten out of the shower. Skin conditioners are a bit watery, but are said to help the products penetrate better. The best time to apply skincare is when you have just taken a shower because your pores are more open to absorb the product.
And my favorite and most relaxing, a monthly derma blade facial. I have had several in the city but my favorite is from Jennifer Pittman at Prelacy Parlor. A derma-blade facial is perfect for an instant glow. They use a sterile blade in a sweeping movement to remove dead skin cells and small fuzzy hairs. Not only does my face look fab after this treatment, but Jennifer gives a luxurious mini - neck and head massage and the price is unbeatable! 

Additional Recommendations?

Always use a foundation with an SPF. If you are not allergic. It you aren't huge into foundation, a CC Cream is great. They are extremely light and contain lots of vitamins and minerals, on top of SPF for added benefits. I have both of these products in my line. 
I would also say to make sure your lip products are extremely hydrating. When the skin on the face is compromised, the lips are the first to show it by becoming flaky and cracked. A hydrating lipstick or tinted balm is perfect to help combat. I have this product in my line too. Adel Amor Cosmetics



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