I have been working my fingers to the bone on these, OH SO POPULAR, ball caps! Ok, Ok...I haven't really been working my fingers to the bone, but I have been putting my embroidery machine to the metal, turning out hat after hat and selling them just as quick as they hit the stores!

Airport and Area Code hats are all the rage this spring and summer. A gal's got to represent while on vaca right? My MEM red and 901 green hats are the most popular...obviously because I am mainly marketing to Memphis, however, if this isn't your "hood" I can turn out all area codes and cities!

Want to top the trend? Email me to get a custom order in (alexandra@adelamor.com). I can do red, blue, or green dye washed hats. Only $29 for the hat and $5 shipping if you are not doing an in store pickup at one of my boutique locations! For locations go to www.ivorycloset.com. Of course if you see the hat you love below, you can order directly from this post!





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