Pinup is all the craze and why not? What woman doesn't want to radiate the beauty and grace of a real pinup queen? We all have a little inner bombshell within and it is 2015 ladies! Time to embrace her. Check out the before and after shots from our latest Memphis Bombshells photo shoot and ask yourself...will you allow your 1950 pinup bombshell to introduce herself to the world? Because if you ask me, the world is much more beautiful when "the art of pin-up" is celebrated.

You don't have to be a sex kitten to become a pinup model. Most of Memphis Bombshell's pinups are business women, moms, roller derby pros, store clerks, city socialites, bankers (to name a few) by day!

From Beauty to Bombshell

Want to turn your beauty into bombshell in 2015? One of the most empowering things I have done as a woman was to unleash my inner pinup and join the Memphis Bombshell's
My Maternity Pinup Shoot with Memphis Bombshells
Photos By: Amanda Hill - Memphis Bombshells
Makeup By: Alexandra Nicole - Adel Amor Cosmetics
Hair By: Pageboy Salon - April Rankin And Janie Ward



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