Another great and EASY floral arrangement with Kacie Cooper. If you are like me, absent of the "green thumb," then you will love this DIY post. Perfect for a seasonal dinner party.

Items Needed: 

You do not need these exact flowers. You will however need to choose a focal flower (I chose small antique style roses) and some sort of accent greenery (I chose berry sprays) for accenting. Choosing your own flowers allows for creativity and color customization. The Orchid in this picture is used to make personal dinner setting decor, a special DIY added to the end of this post. You will also need 4 small vases or a tube vase like I have here and a martini glass.
Begin by filling your vases 3/4 full of water and cleaning the stem of your focal flower of any leaves that may be submerged in the water once placed in the vase. 
This helps prevent moldy, mush leaves and extends the lifeline of your arrangement. Place your focal flower in the vases.  We chose to vary the height of the flowers and only allow 2-3 buds per vase to prevent crowding and allow for some degree of separation. 
Trim your accent greenery and accessorize your arrangement. Again, make sure that no leaves are submerged under water.

Arrange and VOILE!

Bonus DIY: Personal Floral Place Holder
This little decoration is perfect placed in front of each dinner place setting for an added touch of class. 

All you do is fill the martini glasses with water. Then cut orchid blooms from their stems and place one in each glass. They will float beautifully and last for a few days!

Meet Kacie Cooper
With over 18 years in the floral industry, I still try to bring a young and fresh approach to my work. Each event is as unique as the bride. In addition to providing flowers for hundreds of Memphis weddings, Ive decorated historic homes, hotels, and have created floral arrangements for major motion pictures, fashion shows and magazine editorials.
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