Pure Plum Smoke: DIY Eyes

The smokey eye is not new to the makeup world but new takes to the trend are! For those of you with fair skin and lightly colored eyes, the black, grey, or brown smokey eyes can be too harsh. However, if you have blue, green eyes, or hazel eyes the a "plum smoke" is the way to have your eyes dazzling in no time.

Nautical Baby Shower Ideas

After three fabulous showers, baby Jack is already so spoiled, I just had to blog about shower ideas. If you are like me, you have no clue when it comes to party hosting and decor. I assume just stick to home interior design and leave the "party design" to my awesome friends and family, who by the way did a fabulous job! Check out this album of their ideas.  (Baby Juice- to be drank out of bottles...

DIY: Dinner Party Floral Arrangement

Another great and EASY floral arrangement with Kacie Cooper. If you are like me, absent of the "green thumb," then you will love this DIY post. Perfect for a seasonal dinner party.

Healthy Eating w/Lauren Part 2: Breakfast on the Go

If you are busy body like me, you probably find it very hard to find the time for breakfast. I always have good intentions on eating breakfast but 70% of the time I look down at my watch and run out the door 15 minutes before a meeting, only to realize half way through the meeting that I am starving! In this post, you will earn how to make a quick but healthy breakfast on the go.

DIY: Baby Crib Blanket

As a soon to be mommy, I have found it difficult to find bedding for my little Jack. It seems everything on the market is either too girly, or too "cartoony" for lack of a better word. After searching and searching, I decided to dust off the ole' sewing machine and get to it myself. In the meantime, I took pictures so that I can share with you on how its done.

Baby Room: Board -N- Batten

After finding out that I would be having a baby boy, the nursery planning and pinterest-ing began. The walls in our home are very tall and in order to create the bright, nursery feel, I needed to break down the height of the walls and add some color contrast and character. I decided on adding a board and batten wall. This project is SUPER easy and can be done by yourself.

The Almond Cat Eye VS The Round Cat Eye

It's all about the liner this season, with minimal shadow, berry lips and cheeks, and the cat eye being the hot trend in the makeup world. However, many ladies struggle to create an almond shaped cat eye. In this post, you will learn how to get an almond shaped cat eye without over doing the liner for a super retro, yet classic look.

HOW TO: Mother of the Bride Makeup

Now that you know what to wear to the rehearsal dinner and wedding (Mother of the Bride Fashion), you need will be wondering how you should do your makeup. Did you think I would leave you hanging? Makeup is my forte!