If you are busy body like me, you probably find it very hard to find the time for breakfast. I always have good intentions on eating breakfast but 70% of the time I look down at my watch and run out the door 15 minutes before a meeting, only to realize half way through the meeting that I am starving! In this post, you will earn how to make a quick but healthy breakfast on the go.

Smoothies aren't new to the dieting world, in fact, I feel like the go to healthy breakfast for dieters are smoothies however, after watching how Lauren prepare this scrumptious treat, I realized that there is a special way to make sure your smoothie remains within your diet's calorie limit.

Strawberry Banana Blast

(You can swap up the ingredients to change up the flavor of this smoothie every morning to keep it interesting) 

Diced Strawberries / 1 Sliced Banana / Lite Strawberry Yogurt / Ice / Lite, Pulp Free Orange Juice / Oster Mini-Blender (or Nutri-Bullet) / Measuring Cup / Kitchen Scale / Spoon
1. Measure 1/2 cup of orange juice (20 calories) and place in the Oster
2.  Place your Oster bottle on the scale and measure out a 1/2 of a serving of Lite Strawberry Yogurt (50 calories). Approx. 1/2 cup.
3. Add 50 grams of strawberries (about 18 calories) and 50 grams of bananas (50 calories).

 4. Add about 4-5 ice cubes. This is more of a preference thing, so you can add more ice for added thickness.

5. Blend your ingredients! Lauren found her Oster Blender for $19.99 at Kroger. What a steal and much needed investment towards your healthy future.

Lauren's key to staying on track is to measure out all of the ingredients.

You can find a kitchen scale like hers at Aldi for only $9.99

This smoothie was by far the best I have ever had! Not only was it super healthy, but only 138 calories and the flavor beats any smoothie bar recipe in my book.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is 28 years old and happily married with two beautiful children but has struggled with her weight as long as she could remember. "I always have felt that every aspect of my life was a perfect 10, but not my weight. It has kept me back from so many things that I have wanted to do in life, kept me from being the “real” me." Lauren has dedicated her time to helping others who have lived with the same weight struggles. City Chic Living is so proud to host Lauren's Healthy Eating Series. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, excersizes, and recipes from Lauren

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