After finding out that I would be having a baby boy, the nursery planning and pinterest-ing began. The walls in our home are very tall and in order to create the bright, nursery feel, I needed to break down the height of the walls and add some color contrast and character. I decided on adding a board and batten wall. This project is SUPER easy and can be done by yourself.

You Will Need:

1. Air compressor with pneumatic 18 gauge nail gun / 2. Liquid Nail / 3. 1/8 inch thick pine board cut to
6 inches wide x 4 ft tall (how many pieces needed will be determined by the design and measurements of your wall) and 1/8 inch thick pine board cut to 3 inches wide that will measure the length of your wall  / 4. (Not Pictured) 6 inch baseboard (pieces needed will be determined by the length of the wall / 5. (Not Pictured) 2 Paint colors for your wall
 You can have a 4 x 8 sheet of pine board cut down at any Lowes or Home Depot

Board and Batten Wall

1. Design. Measure your wall and determine how many boards you would like in your design. I chose 2 ft. between each board so I needed 6 vertical boards for my wall. You can decide how many or little boards you would like in your design. With a pencil, mark your wall where you will be putting your vertical boards. You can even lay them out against the wall to get an idea of how much space you prefer between your boards.
2. Secure the Vertical Boards to Your Wall. Apply liquid nail along the back of each board.
Then, using the nail gun, shoot nails along the tops and the sides of each board.
 3. Framing the Top of Your Board and Batten. Using the 3 inch pine board, apply the liquid nail to the back and place it along the op of the vertical boards. Use the nail gun to secure in place.
4. Painting. Paint the boards. I chose to paint mine a crisp white to match my base boards. I even painted in between each board white to try to cover up the wall color that is already there. Once the board paint is dry, paint in between each board your desired wall color.
5. Cutting Down and Applying Your Baseboard. You will need to measure the length of your wall to determine how many pieces of baseboard you will need and if it will need to be cut. Once you have cut down the baseboard, apply liquid nail to the back, flip it upside down as to create a ledge for the wall and nail it to the 3" thick horizontal pine board. Go ahead and paint your baseboard the same color as your vertical boards.
6. Decorate. This is the fun part. I added wall decor above my board and batten and a decorative hook piece to the actual design. Another great idea is to get black chalk paint and paint one of the wall pieces for an activity board for your little one. I have heard kids love to draw on the walls. This will allow a little fun without you having to worry about the permanent mess.



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