Now that you know what to wear to the rehearsal dinner and wedding (Mother of the Bride Fashion), you need will be wondering how you should do your makeup. Did you think I would leave you hanging? Makeup is my forte!

MOB Wedding Makeup

1. Choose a matte cream shadow to use as a base. Apply the shadow from the bsae of the lid, all the way up to the brow. Your eye should look something like this.

2. With a gold or bronze shadow, dust a little color on the lid of your eye. Use gold if you have fair skin and light eyes and bronze if you have brown eyes and/or are olive toned or tan.
3. With a chocolate brown or taupe color, apply some shadow in the crease of the eye in the shape of a sideways V. Start at the center of the crease (like the picture shown) and extend the shadow out to the corner of the eye. Then finish out the sideways V by extending the shadow along the lid line to the halfway point. Use chocolate if you want a more dramatic eye and taupe if you are going for the natural look.
4. Start in the center of the eye and apply a liner extending outward and getting thicker towards the corner of the eye. I use a very dark brown as black can be too harsh and should only be used if you have brown eyes and have a dark complexion.
5. Then with a waterproof black liner, darken the inner lower lid. This will give some depth to the eyes without looking unnatural.
6. Apply a black, waterproof mascara. I usually apply the mascara to the top of the lashes before applying them from below. This gives added flexibility.

Product Tips:

Foundation: Mother of the Bride makeup should be fresh, illuminated, and flawless. Make sue to use a foundation that is a photo finish, such as Adel Amor Cosmetics' Skin Transforming Foundation. If you do not use a foundation that works well with cameras, you will risk the "mask effect" in pictures.
Illuminating Pen: This will be your best friend for lightening dark areas such as sunspots and dark circles. Be sure to apply this product on top of your foundation so that you do not cover up the illuminating particles. It also works for lipstick stains!

Photos By: Yen Studios
Makeup By: Adel Amor Cosmetics



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