Bold, glassy lips are what's hot this summer. Play up your pout with these 3 Easy Steps!

Utensils Needed: Adel Amor Raspberry Sorbet Hydrating Lipstick, Adel Amor Guava Waterproof Lip Liner, Adel Amor Newberry Gloss.
Before: Nude Lip
Step 1: Line and Define
Line your the pout following your natural lip line. Then color in the corners of the mouth for longer wear and for shadowing. This gives a more puckered look.
Step 2: Hydrate and Hue
Choose a tinted lip balm that is highly saturated in color, such as Adel Amor Hydrating Lip Tint, to give your lips the pop of color they deserve while keeping them moisturized in the warmer summer months. Popular colors for the season: Bright Cherry Red and Popped Pink
Step 3: Glass With Gloss
Choose a tinted lip gloss in the same color family as your tinted lip balm to enhance the color and apply to the center of the mouth. For a glassy look, choose a clear gloss with a tint of color. If you choose a high pigmented gloss you will not get the glassy look. For a highly pigmented glossy look, choose a gloss with a solid color to it.
AFTER: Popped Pink Pout
Notice the corners of the mouth are ever so slightly darker than the center. This and adding gloss only to the center of the mouth, draws attention to the middle of the mouth making the lips look fuller.
Adding a pop of color on the lips gives your cheeks a natural glow and instantly brightens the face.



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