Want to add more shape to your face? Contouring the cheekbones will give your face that supermodel bone structure. To get the look, you can follow these 4 easy steps!
You will need a highlighting powder, blush, shadow powder, angled blush brush, and a contouring brush.
STEP 1: Prep the Pallet
Start with a prepped face. Apply your base makeup (foundation, powder, concealer, etc.).  
When you suck in your cheeks you will notice a crevase form at the bottom of your cheek bone. With the contouring brush, you will want to apply your shadowing powder in a circular motion to this area.  Shadow the crevasse all the way up to your upper cheek bone. This will create depth to the cheek area. For a shadowing powder, you can use a matte bronzer or a matte bare beige blush.
Above your cheek bone, apply the highlighting powder in a circular motion with the contouring brush. This will brighten the face and help the blush to pop. You can use an iridescent highlighting powder in the summer to create a sun-kissed glow. 
If you do not have a highlighting powder on hand, use a very, very light powder instead.
With the angled blush brush apply the blush in between the shadowing and highlighting line, right on the cheek bone. Extend the blush up to the hairline, focusing more color on the upper cheekbone area.
Choose a blush that has a pop of color. I like Sparkling Rose from my cosmetic line Adel Amor Cosmetics. It is a pretty rose, peach color with a hint of gold shimmer.
Now that you have a  the bombshell bone structure, you are ready for your close up!



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