As a stylist, the theory on color vs moods and perception is very interesting to me. This is information that all men and women should know when choosing their wardrobes for special or important occasions.


PINK: Associated with youth and innocence. This calming, warm, color is often chosen by criminal stylist for women being put on trial in hopes that they may appear more innocent. For men however, it does quite the opposite, giving a sense of confidence and exuberance. A gentleman who is unsure of the more feminine color may choose to accent with pink, as it demonstrates approachability.


ORANGE: Associated with ambition and fun. Orange is a perfect outfit for a party which makes it a staple color during the holiday seasons. If orange is not quite your forte' try orange toned accent pieces to show your playful side such as a tie or necklace.

PURPLE: Associated with wisdom and wealth. People in leadership positions often wear purple to obtain an authoritative presence. Perfect color to choose if you are going to be giving a speech or make a television appearance. From shades of lilac to deep plum or wine, purple is a perfect color for both sexes.
YELLOW: Associated with friendliness and happiness. Great for an event where you are trying to win people over for a specific cause or are going to be around children. Yellow may unknowingly influence the people around you to feel as excited or happy as you are. Note: Use this overpowering color in moderation.
GREEN: Associated with nurturing and peace. Green is a great color paired with stronger colors such as black, gold, or purple however, avoid using green with brown or cream tones as it can give the impression that you may not be a very serious person.
BLUE: Associated with trust, intelligence, serenity, but also, cold and standoffish. Navy is a great color for a job interview as it can make the interviewee seem more trustworthy and intelligent. Colors such as light blue or grey blue should be paired with a pop of color to avoid looking too monotone and closed off.
BLACK - (My Personal Fav.): Associated with authority, sophistication, strength, power. I knew this shade was my favorite for a reason! It is too easy to go over board with this color so make sure to add a pop of color or bling should you choose a black outfit for the occasion. Another reason why black is a favored shade, it is slimming. If you have fair skin with red or blonde hair however, make sure not to choose all black. as it can be too drastic. I recommend a thick black cinching belt, black leggings/ tights, and or a headband with another color.
Hope I have helped you to make some sort of sense of the correlation between style and color. If you have any other questions please post below or if you are interested in a style session with me, click here.



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