Want to be the favored stocking stuffer? With these 5 stocking stuffers you can’t go wrong!All available at The Ivory Closet Boutique and The Attic Apparel in Memphis, TN!

Vintage Flask

Made by Trixie and Milo Co, unique vintage style flasks come in a variety of different designs to choose from. All being very cheeky and humorous, the recipient of this gift will sure to get a chuckle. You can even fill it with his or her favorite libation. Each come with their very own funnel for easy pouring. Retail: $28

  Perenelle Facial Cleanser

Now this is a fabulous product by a local esthetician and acupuncturist, Jessica Puckett, and she is going mainstream, in the beauty industry with this one. Her line Perenelle is known for its pearl powder based products that not only brighten the skin, but they help you to age beautifully. As Jessica believes that no product other than cosmetic procedures that will prevent aging. It is a natural process, so why not take the approach on educating how to age gracefully with inner and outer body nurturing. This cleanser is perfect for men and women of all ages. Retail: $45
(On a side note, I love her products but my favorite and the best selling product at The Ivory Closet is the serum. I swear by it and wear it EVERY day!)

Voluspa Makassar Ebony Peach Mini Tin
MEN LOVE THIS VOLUSPA CANDLE! We haven’t had a gentleman come in the shop and not rave over the scent of this one yet. Perfect sized tin container for a dinner table, mantle, bathtub, or even to travel with. These coconut wax based candles will create a perfect ambiance for any occasion. Retail: $12 or $10 for 2 or more.

As seen on “Shark Tank” the creator of the Freaker, nifty knitted bottle cover, went main stream with his invention after being turned down by the Sharks and seems to be that he needs no sharks to bring his brand to the forefront! Available in an assortment of many different designs this knitted cover will fit water, beer, wine, and just about any other bottles. Retail: $12

 Chilly Jilly Loungers
These “pants in a bag” are no ordinary lounge pants. The velour like fabric makes them oh so soft and smooth up against the skin. Best of all, You can cut the Chilly Jilly Loungers with ordinary scissors to fit your length with no fraying. Comes complete with a carrying bag making it perfect and easy to take anywhere. Sizes: S, M, L  Retail: $40




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