So, friend and fellow blogger, Siphon Kuoy, is writing a fun fashion series on mom's with style. I just had to share her story on Laura Boswell, Memphis Fashion Blogger of Walking in Memphis in High Heels and super mom with her beautiful little girl, Leighton! The last picture in this post shows a sneak peek of who will be featured next week. Any guesses on who's baby that is?

Moms with Style - Laura Boswell and daughter Leighton - Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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    For Laura Boswell, author of the style blog Walking in Memphis in High Heels, the inevitable change is a positive one. As the first in the Moms with Style series this month, Laura shares her experience as a new mom while managing in the fun of fashion and life she’s always had.

    Followers of her blog have been guided through Memphis by her warm smile that enhances her appeal as a pioneer of sorts, confidently exploring new trends. Candidly documenting her outfits during the week, readers get to discover real ways to enjoy the challenge of work wear. Her exploration of new trends begin to make work wear more chic and feminine.

    Now a new mom to 6-month-old Leighton, Laura finds a way to incorporate comfort with style and, of course, includes baby in on the fun.

    “I wear high heels most everyday, especially for work, but when I am out and about with Leighton (at the zoo for instance), I always pack a pair of sandals. I tend to go for rompers, jeans or shorts instead of dresses and skirts since I am bound to end up on the ground playing with Leighton at some point during the day.” 

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            “Layer when you can. It makes you look more pulled together even if you really just threw the first thing on you could reach for in your closet. I also throw a Chewbeads necklace or bangle in my bag so Leighton has something to chew on. I am notorious for carrying a huge diaper bag that doubles as my purse too,” she adds.

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              “My favorite part of style blogging is trying to come up with an outfit by mixing pieces I already have in my closet. I never got the artistic gene like my siblings, but I did get the artistic gene when it comes to picking out outfits. I love to mix and match pieces to try to create a new outfit that makes each piece look completely different depending on what you pair it with.”

              She admits the act of blogging has attributed to her adventurous sense of style, helping her step out of her comfort zone. As for advice to other bloggers, she recommends what has worked for her – to “be yourself.”

              “I think people will genuinely appreciate you and like you for being who you are best - yourself. I think it really shows through in your pictures and in your words, and others will see the passion you have for what you are blogging about. Also, try to take great pictures. Everyone loves a pretty picture, and it is the first thing they will see when going to your blog.”  

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                    This Mother’s Day, Laura hopes to share a relaxed weekend with her husband Shane and baby Leighton. A significant day as it’s her first year celebrating as a mom and even more emotional since Leighton was a long-awaited.

                    “Our little miracle baby,” she says. “It was a long and emotional time, but it was worth every second of it.”


                    Here also, Leighton has her first playdate with the baby boy of the next stylish mom featured in this series to be revealed next week but we'll welcome any guesses you want to share.

                    In the meantime, click over to Laura's Mother's Day Gift Guide for some ideas for moms of all ages.

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                      Outfit DetailsOn LeightonOh So Vera Bloomies & Headband
                      Old Navy Eyelet Top

                      On LauraFrancesca’s Collections Romper
                      Crazy Beautiful Boutique Denim Jacket
                      Sam Edelman Sandals
                      Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Bag
                      Ray-Ban Aviators 



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