The smokey eye is not new to the makeup world but new takes to the trend are! For those of you with fair skin and lightly colored eyes, the black, grey, or brown smokey eyes can be too harsh. However, if you have blue, green eyes, or hazel eyes the a "plum smoke" is the way to have your eyes dazzling in no time.

What you will need:

A plum shadow set with a light beige or peach color, a medium pigmented plum or grayish plum, and a deep plum color.
A deep black or brown shadow for additional lining
A brown gel liner and brush- I used Adel Amor Cosmetics' mahogany luxe gel liner 
Brown/Black Mascara
Light Peach or Illuminating pen concealer - I love Adel Amor Cosmetics' Illuminating Pen

Get the Look

First, with the medium color, brush the shadow on the lid only.

 You can get a more accurate placement of the shadow if you raise the eyebrow in the middle.

Next, brush the smokey plum color (darkest) in the crease of your eye.

 Start at about the middle of the eye and follow towards the outer corner in the crease.

Then dust some of the deep plum along the lid to the middle of the eye. You should have created a sideways V as shown below.

 We will need to use the beige or light pink to blend next.

Soften the lines of the deep plum using a light pink or beige shadow brushed right under the brow line.

Starting at the middle of the eye lid, line your eye using the gel liner. I keep a straight line out to the edge of the eye as seen below. You may have some unlined area closer too the outer corner of the eye between the liner and the lid. You can color this in with the liner.

To avoid harsh lines, we will use a black or deep brown shadow to line the bottom of the eye. This also creates the smokey look.
Lightly follow closely to the bottom lid line. You do not want to go over board here as it can make your eyes look smaller.

When using dark shadows, it is easy for the under eye area to get dark due to shadow dust falling. I use a brightener or light peach concealer to combat this once I am finished with all of the shadow work.

Last, apply your mascara!
Now you have a beautiful plum smokey eye, perfect amount of color for the spring/summer months.

Photos By: Maddie Moree



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