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      Life hasn’t slowed down for Alexandra Nicole this past year after opening her third boutique in Memphis. Nope, not even close. 

      Since the Cedar Room opened in Harbor Town, Alexandra has styled the fashion spreads of Click Magazine, created an online store for The Ivory Closet, and launched her own lifestyle blog, while simultaneously working on a Masters degree and planning her wedding this spring, not forgetting probably the most significant addition to her life — baby Jack.

      Even other working moms would want to know how she successfully does it all, and in this particular series, how she does it all while maintaining her sense of style.

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                “Take everything minute by minute with a list in hand. I find that if I wake up and think about EVERYTHING I have to do at the shops, around the house, and with my masters program while being a mommy to my 6 month old son, planning a wedding, balancing my relationship, friendships, and social life, and staying in shape so my dress will fit on my big day....I instantly melt into a puddle of extreme anxiety,” explains Alexandra.

                “I make a list of everything I need to accomplish the night before, so that my head is cleared of all the tasks I must tackle before laying my head down and then I wake up and start on my to do's. If it does't all get done, which my overly optimistic personality gives me a 95% fail rate on my list completion, I don't sweat it. I look at all that I have accomplished and then just add the items that I did not complete to tomorrow's list. Yes, it is pretty much a never-ending revolving list, but it keeps me on track and my head focused.” 

                As this year’s Memphis magazine’s Faces of the Mid-South Face of Boutiques and Beauty, Alexandra is recognized for her skill and drive in helping others maintain their style. Owning boutiques to curate style choices and cosmetics for various types of women and offering styling and make-up services is what she is traditionally known for. Her style blog City Chic Living extends that mission even further.

                Her clients and readers find a make-up tutorials and styling ideas for classic style suitable and “more feasible for everyday wear.” Particularly now as a mom, her style is all about comfort that quickly be pulled together. Here you see Alexandra in an easy one-piece outfit with fellow new mom Laura, featured last week.

                “I have been leaning towards solid pieces because it is easy to achieve a chic look and no hassle accessorizing as anything works with solids!”

                “As a fashion stylist and makeup artist, I am constantly asked style questions and makeup trend advice. I love helping others out and am eager to answer any questions that my clients may have, however I feel like my blog is a great way to share more details on popular fashion subjects and questions with everyone in hopes that it will inspire someone to take interest in fashion. Also, I am the type of person that wants to have my hands in everything, try new things, and get crafty for no reason. My blog gives me the outlet to showcase different experiences and hobbies that I enjoy.”  

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                        Through her blog, readers also see a more human side to Alexandra, sharing in her deepest moments. She writes emotionally about struggles in her life, such the recent loss of her brother.

                        “The biggest struggle of my life has been the loss of my little brother this past December. It has really been a challenge to hold it together but I thank God every day for my son, Jack. When times seem unbearable, I take one look at his sweet, innocent, loving face and its an instant dose of happiness and determination to get through, not for myself, but for him as he deserves a happy mommy, a positive environment, and to grow up around optimistic viewpoints.”

                        With this sort of optimism, Alexandra has purposefully contributed to a city she believes in. Even after traveling and living in Ireland and briefly England, she was drawn back to Memphis.

                        “Although it was one of the most liberating, empowering decision I ever made in my teenage years, I quickly realized all that I loved about my city. It was only after leaving the city for a while that I realized this is the place that I not only call home, but I WANT to call home,” Alexandra says.

                        “Memphis is a fabulous city with a lot of opportunity for big dreamers. It is often sold very short, but the potential that this city and its people have is unbelievable, and if we continue to unite and work as one people, we will together uncover all that this city has to offer and free the exuberant light that is busting through the seams at every corner we turn.” 

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                        Outfit Details

                        On Alexandra: Dress - The Attic. Shoes - The Ivory Closet.
                        On Jack: Outfit - all from Carter's.

                        Shoot Location - Harbor Town



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