Ellen Anchor Reversible Cami's

I have had a lot of people ask me about my fashion brand so I figured I would tell you all a little about it and the inspiration behind my reversible tank!

Idea of a Brand

After opening The Ivory Closet, my first boutique, I was challenged with a strategy to set myself apart from all of the other boutiques in town. The obvious was to bring in desirable brands that offered territory exclusivity, but in my eyes, that strategy seemed too obvious.

I need not only brands, but exclusive brands that carry innovative, quality fashion products, and why not take it a step further? How about I create my own brand, make it territory exclusive, and a product that is versatile. A product that is the fix to a fashion problem. A garment that helps to slim the silhouette. One fit for all ages and sizes... This is the product that I need!

The Product

Now, I am not claiming to be the creator of the reversible cami/tank. There are plenty reversible tanks, camis, dresses, jackets, blouses, etc. on the market. The concept is not new. Upon pondering what I would like my first fashion item to be, I decided that I should stick with one style in a variety of colors instead of a variety of styles in one color. I should also create a product that is needed and can be worn with almost any outfit. This will not only provide a solution to my customer, but help them better identify with my brand.

"Almost everyone wears camis and tanks. Almost everyone needs a scoop-neck tank, a v-neck tank, and a tank that comes down past the waist." I thought. Hmmmm...."Camis and tanks are a necessity, a complimentary product, and an add-on to any outfit..." I pondered further.  The choice of a very versatile product that is not a one time buy was very appealing to me. If my customer loves my reversible tanks, they will come back for more and begin to know and love the Ellen Anchor Brand!
I searched fordistributors and manufacturers that could help me to create my very first fashion item. The Ellen Anchor Reversible Cami/Tank.

The Naming of my Brand

Now, my first fashion line had to, not only have the a catchy brand name, but it had to have a lot of meaning to me. So here goes the story behind my inspiration of the brand.

The story is one of two people who have been a huge inspiration in my life, representing the epitomee of love for each other and the family that they have created, my family

Ellen is my Grandmother (left) and William (right) is my grandfather. As a young girl, I would visit my grandparents. While Gigi (my grandmother) would peel me oranges and make me buttered toast for snacks, I would spend my afternoon's being entertained by Papa's (my grandfather) stories of the sea, princesses, monkey's that spit tobacco, and experiences on submarines during wartimes.
I looked up to (and still do) my grandparent's, aspiring to encompass the gentle heart, sweet soul, and cooking skills of my grandmother while hoping to be as tough as nails, chew fake snuff, and join the Navy like my grandfather. (Fake Snuff- Cocoa and Sugar) All while keeping a strong faith and an abundance of love in my heart....just like both of them.

 One day after sitting Papa's lap and listening to one of his heroic tails, I decided, "Papa, I am going to join the Navy so I can be on submarines just like you!" In which her grandfather replied, "Well Pumpkin...you don't want to do that, if you do, you will have to get a tattoo. All sailors are required to get an anchor tattoo." After showing me an anchor tattoo on his forearm, I decided that I would steer clear of the Navy as a tattoo would hurt too much. Years down the road, when I became a teenager, I brought up the subject of tattoos and asked to see Papa's anchor once more only to find out that it was gone! Papa had drawn a false tattoo of an anchor on his forarm to fool me.Since then, I have always  associated anchors with my Papa. I actually got an anchor tattoo on my wrist in his honor. 

As I grew up and went through hardships of my own and experienced the realities of the real world, my view of people, trust, and relationships, began to change. I was no longer a child. Like most of us, I learned what it is like to work hard every day, get my heart broken, the excitement of accomplishments, the distress of failures, the grief of loss, but most of all, the comfort of home. I began to realize that home is not a physical place, but a special place in my heart, memories, people who have walked with me through my journey of life, trust, comfort, love, safety. Ellen and Anchor are a big part of my home within. They are the only two people I have never witnessed do any wrong and are so "real" at the same time. They love God and have devoted their life to their faith. They are still two people I aspire to be like but in different ways than when I was just a girl. I strive to have the compassion that my Gigi encompasses and to be the rock that she has been to so many people in lending a helping hand or kind words in times of need. (I have given up on the cooking part.) I look up to my Papa as the strongest person I know and want to be the anchor that he has been in my family as well as the loving person who made my childhood so special. 

I continue to look up to my grandparents as the closest to perfect two humans could ever be and that is why I have dedicated my first fashion brand to them, Ellen Anchor.

Photos by: AM Photography 

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