Meet Our Latest Style Icon: Stevie Jewel

Meet Our Latest Style Icon: Stevie Jewel
This year at BlogHer I got the pleasure of meeting Stevie Jewel, a Canadian born rock star fulfilling her dream in Nashville! Her drive and ambition to accomplish her goals are incredible and I am so excited that Stevie agreed to an interview with City Chic Living about her blog and work. Also, check out her Chanel inspired The Ivory Closet Couture line Nashville Tee and shell feather earrings available here at The Ivory Closet.

Meet Rachel - One of our Style Icons

Interested in starting your own blog, get inspired by another fabulous interview with accomplished and gorgeous Birmingham fashion blogger and Ivory Closet Style Icon, Rachel Tindall.

New Hydrating Matte and High-Shine Gloss Line

We are super excited about our new complete line of lip products. Our founder, Alexandra Nicole, has been working on a lip line for a few months now. First phase launch are the gloss formulas and next month she will launch a full lipstick line!

INTERVIEW SERIES: Fashion Blogger and Future Psychologist - Ameera Khan

Being a fashion, beauty, business, and mommy blogger isn't always about sharing my experiences, favorite products, and fashion/beauty tutorials. I get to meet some pretty amazing women along the way and I think as ladies in the business world, it is our job to do our due diligence to share each other's stories and businesses. This month I am going to introduce you to a fabulous, fairly new...

I AM FREE + Be Free Revolution

If you haven't already heard of them, Be Free Revolution is a local mission company that started off with sponsored trips to Kenya and evolved into a company that helps many women and children out of poverty through mission work, teaching, and trade building. This lead to the creation of the jewelry line Be Free Revolution's Papers of Peace and Ekata Collections. Read more »

How to Get a Natural Contour + FREE Beauty Blender Contour Brush

  Everyone always asks about my high cheekbones. Some of it is those Native American genes, A LOT of it is the proper tools, products, and contouring. Check out my video in this post and also learn how you can get a FREE Beauty Blender Contour Brush. Read more »

3 Favortie Fall Transitional Pieces from The Ivory Closet

Finally, all of the super cute women's fashions I chose at market have arrived to my online boutique and in the shop. I am so excited to show you my 3 favorite transitional pieces. I call them transitional because they are nice and airy for summer but can be styled right into fall!Read more »

4 Simple Relaxers for Busy Business Ladies

As a business owner, mommy, and wife, I have many duties but as a professional woman I have needs that are essential to a happy life. Many of you who know me know that work never stops for this lady, but lately, I have been extremely overwhelmed with back to back businesses dilemmas, pregnancy, and life in general that I finally stopped and forced myself back to the basics. Read more »

Which Fashion Market Should You Attend?

So I just got back from Atlanta's off season fashion market and boy was it different from Magic in Vegas! If you own a shop and can't decide which market to attend, here are my comparisons.Read more »